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I’m excited you are interested in starting your own business!

After I started my franchise business 13 years ago, I got the entrepreneur bug and went on to start, run, and sometimes sell many others. I currently own five different companies.

I went in with so much confidence and enthusiasm, but I got burned a number of times simply because I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I trusted people who didn’t really have my best interests at heart, and hadn’t yet learned the very important phrase, “Trust but verify.”

I would love to help you get a jump start on your business and help you speed up the learning curve by learning from my mistakes. My focus is on start-up logistics, human resources issues, operational efficiencies, and marketing support.

I’ve discovered that many of my clients can benefit from some additional coaching and support after the fact to help them navigate all of the logistics of getting the business actually up and running. How do you set up tax accounts, how do you pay your employees, how do you let people know about your business? There are a lot of pieces to running a business and I’d love to help you be as successful as possible as quickly as possible.

I offer two different coaching styles depending on what you are looking for.

  • One-on-one coaching – weekly, monthly, or as needed. Several different options to give you the personalized coaching you need to launch that successful business.
  • Group membership coaching – weekly meetings facilitated by me with several other like-minded business owners to help you strategize, set goals, and be held accountable.

Reach out today – I’m ready to help!

Teresa Nelson, CFC, MBA
IFPG Certified Franchise Consultant
Owner, Envision Your Business LLC
(208) 502-2298

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